Elite Program Scholarship!

Get funded!

Congrats on Silmi Yusri Rahmadani and Khaled Abdrabo for securing the Elite Program Scholarship from the Ministry of Education of Taiwan for their PhD study! Great success!
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New lab members


Welcome our new members in the lab, Guan Jie Phang , Silmi Yusri Rahmadani, and Khaled Abdrabo.
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Invited lecture NCKU

Biology and Genetics of Fungi

Yin-Tse Huang was invited to give a lecture on introducing the ambrosia symbiosis in the class, Biology and Genetics of Fungi, hosted by Pedro Gonçalves. We had a very interactive class and hands-on labratory observation on fungal specimens! Much appreciated for the invitation. [Read More]
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Invited talk

Integrated Biology Seminar

Yin-Tse Huang was invited to talk about ambrosia beetles/fungi and their adaptation to the mutualistic lifestyle in the Department of Entomology at National Taiwan University. Much appreciated for the invitation Photo credit: NTU Entomology [Read More]
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